Privacy Policy Seal

Terms & Conditions

The purpose of the P3P Privacy Seal program is to allow Internet surfers the ability to compare the stated privacy practices of participating Web Sites with the P3P or 'machine readable' privacy data installed on those Web Sites.

Internet users should expect Web Sites displaying the P3P Privacy Seal to respect their privacy and deserve their trust.

  • Participating sites are expected to adhere to their stated privacy practices.
  • Participating sites are expected to ensure that their P3P Policy Files are an accurate reflection of their human readable privacy statement.
  • Participating sites are expected to respond to visitor questions or concerns relating to their privacy practices or privacy policy in a timely manner.
  • Participating sites may not contain content listed in the prohibited content list.
  • Participating sites must display a visible link on their main page to their privacy policy.
  • Participating sites must agree that P3PSeal is the sole judge of acceptable content and P3PSeal may revoke certification at any time for any cause without recourse or refund.
Failure to abide by these conditions may result in P3P Seal Certification being revoked.
In addition, serious violations may be directed to appropriate government agencies.

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